I’m Emma, a British 28 year old, currently living the Island lifestyle across the pond on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.  

This blog was originally set up as a result of a mother and daughter moving a few thousand miles – or kilometres if you prefer – to very rural Manitoba in the heart of Canada; documenting our ups and downs along the way.

The blog has since evolved with anecdotes from my travels around the globe, offering travel tips and moving advice (especially what not to do – I believe in learning from my mistakes!). It’s also a celebration of the beauty to be seen from distant corners of the world, through postcards, photographs and other images.  I am passionate about travel but this is a personal blog about my life and I do digress at times!  So, for anyone who wants to keep up with me on my life’s journey, this is my postcard home!

I have lived and worked or studied in the UK, Germany, France and Canada so have a fair idea of what it is like to find work in a foreign country, where to find the comforts of home, and that sometimes, even in Canada, the language barrier can be a nightmare! If you have any questions about the process and experience of moving to Canada contact me.  I’m always happy to help.

Emma   (September 2016)


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