6 Places to Shop in Port Hardy

6 Places to Shop in Port Hardy

As Christmas is fast approaching I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about shopping in Port Hardy. Although it’s a small town there is still quite a bit of choice when it comes to places to spend your money and one of the best things about living in a small community is that there are lots of products that are made right here on the North Island.

1) Drift & The West Coast Community Craft Shop – Located upstairs in Guido’s Café on Market Street, this artsy shop is the perfect place to buy gifts from the local area. Here you will find anything from sweet smelling homemade soaps and artisanal jewellery to pottery, postcards and even one of a kind clothing pieces. I really enjoy browsing the artwork and trinkets.

2) The Book Nook – This quaint little store is more than a bookshop with various novelty items and carefully selected gifts. The Book Nook sells new and used books as well as books written by local authors and about the West Coast and wilderness culture. Situated downstairs in the Guido’s Café, I love sitting inside the cosy Book Nook with a hot chocolate before I get to shopping.

3) The Cove – A locally owned clothing store which specialises in athletic apparel. It’s also the only place on the North island to rent surf gear so it should be on your list before heading out to the West Coast beaches.

4) The Clothes Inn – A little more on the pricey side but a solid option for partywear and quality office wear. It sells all kinds of clothing and I have been known to spend the best part of an hour in here as there is so much choice. They always have beautiful footwear (as well as more practical options for the local climate), the only downside is living in Port Hardy we don’t have much occasion to wear delicate high heels. This is definitely one to remember if you need to look your best, or you desperately need to buy a decent bra!

5) Thrift stores – Although I am all about purging my belongings at the moment I do enjoy a good rummage at a local thrift store and small towns have the best finds. Port Hardy has 2 thrift stores and a couple of other second hand stores. While each of them is worth a look, my personal favourite is the Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Store because it’s just so well laid out.

6) Port Hardy Heritage Society Gift Shop – The museum itself is home to permanent exhibits of First Nations art and artefacts as well as settler’s history and local industrial history. The gift shop is the place to go in town (aside from contacting the artists themselves) for locally produced First Nations art, carvings and jewellery as well as books, DVDs, and CDs.

While we don’t have many mainstream stores if all else fails there’s always internet shopping. As you may be aware I get overly excited when I receive mail so an Amazon delivery always makes me smile, even though I paid for the pleasure.

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