Moving to Manitoba

Moving to Manitoba

So, a whole week has passed since we arrived in Steep Rock, Manitoba (Canada) yet we still have no real connection to the rest of the world – no internet (except for the heavily armoured AEY School connection), no out-going phone calls, and even no postal address! Since this will clearly be an experience quite unlike any I have had before and as I will have a lot of free time on my hands it seems like a good enough excuse to start writing, even if only to document for myself my experiences here.

After completing my French degree in Bristol (U.K.) and spending the summer months finally exploring Southern Ontario, I have moved to Manitoba Profunda with mum to keep her company while she starts a new job and to add some more time to my Canadian residency – le grand obstacle between Paris, mon amour and moi!

Here in Moose-country, Manitoba, where what is defined as a town by the locals barely meets my definition of a village, life is about as different from my dreams and experiences of Paris as is imaginable. However, despite the remoteness and lack of hustle and bustle it cannot be said that our journey thus far has not been eventful…

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