Point Pelee – The Southern Tip of Canada

Point Pelee – The Southern Tip of Canada

Windswept and interesting or rather dragged through a hedge backwards! Visiting Point Pelee just after your hair’s been styled, even on a summer’s day, is probably not the best of ideas with the strong winds that come in across Lake Erie. Going on a November afternoon straight from the salon when it’s pouring down with rain would be a totally stupid one! A trip to Windsor however would not be complete without setting foot on the southern tip of Canada.

Point Pelee
I was even more soaked than I look!

Since the weather had been particularly good for the season – without a threatening cloud in sight, Moira and I headed South with our little dog (well, ok, her dog) Todd. In Canada the roads are all long and straight so the forty-five minute car journey was pretty uneventful despite the fact that we were running a little low on fuel. As we pulled into the national park the petrol light was flashing, forcing us to stop hurriedly into the car park without exploring any off shooting roads. No sooner had we turned off the engine when the Heavens opened drenching the trees and muddy paths around us. Of course having come this far we were undeterred by a bit of rain. Not quite realising how wet we would end up ourselves, but sensing that Todd would end up looking like a wet sponge, we left him in the car as we braved the elements by walking the last 6km to the edge of Point Pelee.

Rainy Day

 Point Pelee Lake Erie

Howling winds and sheet rain were probably not the best circumstances to experience Point Pelee and the surrounding Provincial Park but it certainly gave Lake Erie an atmosphere that lives up to its name with its deserted beaches and spindly isolated trees. We did eventually make it to the point in order to take in the sights – which in my case were almost entirely covered by my hair being blown across my face. Point Pelee is certainly worth a visit but make sure you check the weather forecast before you go!

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    1. Actually the West Coast is looking a lot like that today. Very grey and lots of crazy waves… even hail AND snow! Your photos from Paris look great Stacia. That queue outside Le Musee d’Orsay is ridiculous, especially considering it was raining and it’s not tourist season!

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