Sounds of the Sea

Sounds of the Sea

There is quite literally no sound more breath-taking than the blow of a whale.  This is the sound that has been lulling me to sleep at night and waking me up in the mornings over the past three nights. What a beautiful sight to wake up to: whales breaching outside my bedroom window. I spent some time this evening trying to get a decent photo but found the best views were when I didn’t have my camera on hand… or on another occasion while I was busy snapping whale tail, I didn’t even have my SD card in the camera!

I find it very calming to hear the spray blowing every so often when I am out for an evening walk. It brings nature to the forefront of my attention and it’s also very relaxing to listen under the moonlight when I take Todd (our pint-sized pooch) out for his late night pee before bed. The ocean and all the life it brings with it really is one of the best parts about living in Coal Harbour.

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