Making Plans for Spring Break

Making Plans for Spring Break

For those of us who didn’t grow up in North America, the words ‘spring break’ don’t really mean very much. In the UK, universities have a reading week in February preceding exams while the school holidays in March are centred around Easter so binge-eating chocolate takes priority over binge-drinking on the beach. In Canada however March-break is synonymous with escape-Winter or all-inclusive sun, sea, and sand.

As I am living in Canada, taking a vacation in March is definitely something I can get behind. Last year I succumbed to the all-inclusive temptations of a spring-break with friends and family (and colleagues!) in Mazatlan, Mexico.  A winter getaway is a great way to relieve stress and I do love having travel plans to look forward to – that and I had a pretty decent amount of WestJet dollars burning a hole in my pocket – so I did what any travel-loving teacher would do and booked myself a trip. I have decided to return to the place this blogging journey began; almost seven years ago!

Winnipeg. Yes, you did read that correctly. I am choosing to vacation in Winterpeg, Manisnowba while there is still snow on the ground. Even though the Winnipeg weather is typically so severe in Winter that I could not stand it as a place to settle long-term, Winnipeg does hold a special place in my heart as the first Canadian city that felt a bit like home to me. It certainly has it’s flaws and I am sure I have alluded to some of them in previous posts but I am really looking forward to catching up with good friends, spending some time in a city I know really well, and finally getting around to visiting the museums.

Snow Sculpture Festivale du Voyageur
Hanging out with Hudson

A few things to do (I’m sure I’ll add to it as the trip approaches):
The Museum for Human Rights
Assiniboine Park Zoo – Mainly for the Journey to Churchill exhibit
The Forks
The WAG (Winnipeg Art Gallery)

I never thought I’d hear myself say this but, I can’t wait to get back to the Peg!

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