Dancing In The Rain

Dancing In The Rain

No singing though!  Nevertheless Friday evening was a pretty memorable and exhilarating experience of dancing in the rain.

Me, totally soaked. I was happier about it than I looked. Honest!
Me, totally soaked. I was happier about it than I looked. Honest!

Last Friday, after work, I rushed off to join a good friend of mine for an outdoor Zumba class on Paris Plage.  It had been a fairly typical summers day – neither too hot nor cold, certainly not humid and heavy. As I entered the metro the sky was bright; not an ominous cloud in sight.

Less than 10 minutes later, upon emerging from Paris’ underground tunnels, the Heavens opened pouring gallons of water down as I have never seen before.  The Zumba music was in full blast so the dancing continued on the quai of the Seine.  As crowds of people watched the bizarre sight huddled under their umbrellas, I ran frantically through the rain to join in the fun before it would be too late, already drenched from head to toe by the time I arrived on the dancefloor.

For five whole minutes that seemed to last an eternity we forgot everything and just danced under the rain, clothes soaked right through. And I was the happiest I had been in ages.  There is something quite refreshing about being caught out in the rain on a summer’s day when you have nowhere else you’re supposed to be; that and my weird fascination with storms.

5 thoughts on “Dancing In The Rain

  1. Sorry for the late reply; somehow Blogger did not notify me when you posted a reply to my comment :-.

    Monsoons in India involved a lot of raincoat purchasing and usage of flip flops outside if you could :). That said, remember that it is warm when it rains, so I did not mind getting wet; sadly that is not usually the case in Paris.

    BTW, have you set up a system by which one can get emails whenever you post a new entry? I'd sure be happy to subscribe.


  2. I'm not sure that you'll be notified of this reply either but worth a try. I have added a subscribe via email tab to the right hand side of the posts so in theory you should be able to subscribe now. If Blogger is behaving!

    As for the flip flops in Monsoon season – they sound like a much better alternative to the wellington boots that we wear in the rainy (and cold) weather in the UK.

  3. Not only did Blogger not send me an email, it just ate a long comment I had posted! grr.

    Thanks for putting up the email subscription box. Looking forward to email notifications now :).

    Speaking of rains, I preferred walking/biking back in the rain from school, since I knew that a towel will be waiting for me at home. Of course, it meant that we had to apply extra wax polish on our black shoes [yes, we had a school uniform, something we learnt from our colonists :)].

    And yes, I must admit that sometimes, when it is raining torrentially in Paris and is warm, I do step out for a walk :).

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