Lightning Never Strikes Twice

Lightning Never Strikes Twice

As the saying goes lightning never strikes twice in the same place… which makes taking photos pretty difficult!  I was pondering this saying and what it might mean as I uploaded my video (unwatched at this point) of the impressive storm threatening to break for hours above Paris on Tuesday night.  I had come to a few conclusions when I decided to watch back my snapshot – only to discover that lightning actually does srike twice in the same place!

As you may be aware from previous posts, I love storms and this was a particularly magnificent one.  There was very little rain but I could almost feel the electricity in the air.  It was almost as though I was supercharged by the current.  With my windows wide open, I watched the dark sky turn deep purple and then black as the thunder rolled continuously and the lightning lit up the sky behind the Sacre Coeur, sending frequent forks across the clouds above. As a strong breeze refreshed my flat with the cool night-time air, I finally set about the cleaning I’d been putting off for days.  If only it had motivated me to study too; although then it really would have achieved the impossible!

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