The Final Countdown

The Final Countdown

Five Things Left to Do in Paris

So here I am, down to my last five weeks in Paris and unlike at the end of my Erasmus when I had a strong feeling that I would be back as soon as possible for an extended stay, this time I know that I won’t be back so soon and that next time probably won’t be serious, more likely a brief fling with an old flame.

To be sure to leave Paris on a high note, between work and my five looming university deadlines, I intend to make every second count (by this I mean every weekend – my fainéant nature usually hinders much evening productivity!).  Undoubtedly, there are a multitude of things that I still want to see and do and countless others that I’d like to repeat; nevertheless I have narrowed it down to a manageable five:

1) Visit a market – In Paris there are several to choose from ranging from Antiques to Art, specialist goods to vintage clothes and of course many produce markets.  However, for old times sake and to make a day of it, I think I’ll check out the colourful marché de Saint-Christophe, take a stroll to les douze colonnes to check out the view and after a bit of exercise, a drink in one of the pubs at Port Cergy.

2)  Be a tourist – The weekend of 15/16 October I have a friend coming to stay so I have been saving the ultimate tourist attraction for her visit.  I will finally go up the Eiffel Tower!  It will have only taken me 3 years to get round to it.  I might have to conquer my slight fear of heights in the meantime.  There a few other typically tourist activities we’ll be sure to take part in, maybe a boat along the Seine and some museum time.  We’ll probably stumble upon something totally unusual too, like last time I visited this particular friend in her home town in Germany we came across a giant flower pot (way bigger than us) with a tree in it!

3)  Visit a château – Having already visited Versailles a couple of years back and le Château de Vincennes recently, there a few candidates remaining for a day out around Paris.  Currently I am hesitating between Fontainebleau, a large castle in the South-East of Paris and the Chateau de Vaux le Vicomte, which although is slightly further afield it has a charming candlelit event every Saturday evening throughout the summer, running until early October.

4)  Shopping for souvenirs – There are so many nik-naks which I have seen over the course of the year that I’d love to cram into my already overflowing suitcase.  Perhaps I’ll pick up a couple more goodies for the family and I will of course say “I’ve been there done that and finally bought the Tee-shirt”.  As souvenir shopping might prove tiresome I’ll have to stop off in a nice cafe for an over-priced refreshment.  I’m sure I’ll miss grumbling to Aliyah about Parisian extortion.

5)  PARTY!! – I’m quite sure I’ll be doing a lot of this one but my final weekend is dedicated to fun with friends.  From Friday evening through to the night before my departure, my evenings will be spent in restaurants, followed by nights in bars along Les Grands Boulevards, revisiting my favourite clubs and soirées chez moi.  My mornings will be spent recovering, cleaning and packing, and my afternoons enjoying the Parisian streets and cafés with friends; both old and new. 🙂

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