Aeroplanes and Shooting Stars

Aeroplanes and Shooting Stars

I know it’s a cheesy song lyric but it’s actually very fitting for what I want to write about: My final few days in Manitoba before the long flight back to the world of antiquity on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

I believe that no matter where you are in the world you should always find something beautiful to appreciate, regardless of whether you are right where you want to be at that time, or not. In Manitoba, as I have said before, there are two major things worthy of note… the friendliness of the people, and the spectacular sky. During my short-time in this province, I was surprised several times by the breath-taking sight of shooting stars. The first time was one night back in September when the power went out with a bang. As I glanced out of the window into the dark night, just at that moment a shooting star shot across in front of my eyes, illuminating the sky. As I continued to stare into the darkness, another one appeared from behind the house! It’s not the first time I have seen shooting stars, of course; I have seen them a few times but always when meteor showers have been announced thus I have spent several hours out in the cold watching and waiting… but this was just an ‘ordinary night.’ In hind sight, I should have wished but I was taken by surprise and I didn’t know what I should have wished for.

A few weeks later, as we were headed for Winnipeg in the early hours of the morning, the weekend of my flight in mid October, we were awed by yet another shooting star across the sky in front of our path on our long and otherwise uneventful journey into Winnipeg. Perhaps it was a present, a chance to make the wish I needed to make but I missed it again! That’s the thing with shooting stars… they’re not like aeroplanes, no flight schedule – they are much more magical, if you blink, you’ll miss!

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