New beginnings – The Paris chapter

New beginnings – The Paris chapter

There are many times over the course of  just a year that we have the chance to re-define ourselves and start a new page in the story of our lives.  This year I have had several occasions to do just that: New Year, new job, new flat, new experiences and new friends… but perhaps it is fitting that I choose Easter weekend to re-start the blog.  Traditionally a celebration of re-birth.

Although this entry marks the debut of my account of my adventures in France, I’m actually sat in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of my grandparent’s home in Norfolk.  Paris may be manifique but nothing can compare to being with family.  Just a short weekend away from the la ville des lumieres has given me time to reflect, read, study and look back at all I have done these past few months and perhaps more importantly all that I have yet to do.  But before I get round to doing any of it I shall sit back and enjoy the sunshine for the short time that I have in the UK with old friends and family,  and scoff some Easter eggs!

small bird

Springtime in Paris has been especially beautiful this year after a particularly harsh Winter, in more ways than I care to describe.  Perhaps friendships have seasons too… and the icy cold of Winter followed by the pouring rain reflected the state of one of mine.  Luckily Spring comes around each year, bringing along fresh faces and new perspectives. This year seems to be flying past at an incredible pace, even nature has rushed into Summer ahead of schedule and I have realised that I don’t have long to spend time with a few of my close friends who will be leaving Paris all too soon.  I myself have only 6 months left of my year there to see and do all that I planned on doing before I came and hope that over the next few weeks and months I am able to share these moments with the few people that have been there with me (in person or  at distance).

A bientot… I promise!

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