Student Life

Student Life

Well the essay was at last completed, thankfully not running into overtime with the final score resting at:

Essay 1 : Emma 0

Number of hours of sleep accumulated in the last 48 hours:     Appoximately 5
Number of meals that were not almost entirely pasta based:     1

All in all an uneventful start to the proceedings with little or no on-screen results, leaving all the action for the second half.  A rushed effort around midnight just in time for the final whistle at 1am.

Tomorrow I will un-do all the negative effects of sleep deprivation by going to bed as soon as work finishes… not quite sure you’re supposed to accumulate sleep time in lieu but I’m willing to try it out just in case.  Bedtime at last – excellent.  Work in less than 7 hours – not so much!

I often wonder if I will ever learn from my mistakes.  I do this last minute panic/speed-writing every single time that I have deadline.  We are supposed to learn from experience but experience has taught me that no matter how late I leave it, there’s always enough chocolate to get me through.  Besides, I’ve always said I ‘enjoy’ a challenge…

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