Travelling in Style

Travelling in Style

With more baggage than body-weight, travelling across the globe is stressful enough but with excess baggage charges moving great distances has the added stress of even greater prices; that’s why I decided to upgrade.  If you’re travelling with lots of luggage don’t forget to weigh up the benefits of an upgrade.  It can cost up to £10 a kilo just for  excess baggage, where as for £110 more than the price of an economy ticket I received 10 kilos extra baggage allowance as well as the comfort of leather seats and ample leg-room, fast check-in and priority baggage collection at the other end; even the in-flight films seemed to be better than average!  I planned to catch up on my lack of sleep but with three recent and pretty decent movies, the seven and a half hour flight-time whizzed past.

Welcomed on board with a champagne breakfast, followed quickly by snacks and three-course meals (albeit rather small) that actually tasted good, served on china plates with aperitifs and a choice of red or white wine and Cadbury’s chocolate snacks, pringles, more beverages – alcoholic or otherwise, throughout the flight and finally a delicious and rather Christmassy-looking coffee with Baileys topped of with whipped cream and a sugar coated glass.  I must admit  that I couldn’t envisage a better way to move half way round the world.  If I take a long-haul holiday in the future I’d certainly consider upgrading the return journey – to extend the holiday right up until I arrive home!

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