At last we have internet and can re-connect with the world outside of Ashern! So most of Thursday and Friday was spent reading emails, writing emails, and basically regaining my ‘social network’ online.

I tried to explain to Kàrim (in French) that we have dial-up. At first it was misunderstood/ lost in translation due to the incredulous nature of my statement. Finally his response was along the lines of “You mean the type that makes all that noise that we used to use in Morocco like ten years ago?!” Yes, it does still exist and after weeks of no connection we rather appreciate it. Well sort off. The novelty has almost worn off already so the waiting and waiting and waiting… for the page to load has become frustrating not to mention the fact that the engaged phone line may prove to be a bit of a dilemma while hoping for job phone calls at the same time as job-hunting online.

The pros and cons of dial-up:

  • Novelty of hearing the computer dial and ring vs Annoying noise
  • Retro cool vs Out-dated technology
  • Can access internet from remote areas vs Temptation to book flight out of remote area

In conclusion Dial-up makes me happy, largely because I no longer have to spend money on stamps to keep in touch with people although I’m still hoping for replies to my letters to come pouring into my mail-box. There’s just something extra-special about getting real-mail and it can’t take much longer than dial-up anyway… can it?

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