New Year, New Directions

New Year, New Directions

It has been so long since I last sat down to write.  I know I promised great things to anyone that actually reads my blog and failed to deliver on all accounts.  It would be wonderful if I could at least say it was because I was busy writing my dissertation but as I said, it has been ages since I last sat down to write anything at all.  So here we are already 22 days into another new year and I am resolving once again to beat procrastination, finish my Masters and contribute to my blog as often as I can.  That said, the blog has always been for me a pleasure and an escape, an attempt at viewing the world around me as though I am always a tourist, experiencing everyday things for the first time and distancing myself from the mundane.  It has to be the ‘right time’ to write or the words aren’t worth the imaginary paper they are written on.

Anyone who knows me, will be groaning the moment they read my cheesy title – a play on words due to my recent job offer at a local not-for-profit called ‘New Directions’ but it does also encompass the way I view the road ahead this year, taking me in a different direction than I would have imagined for myself this time last year.  I will be staying not only in Canada but in Manitoba with its 6 months of snow and endless kilometres of countryside.  Here’s to a great new year and the adventures to come as I settle into my new place in the heart of Winnipeg and the country as a whole!

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