Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!

I am off out to party.. spurred on by the realisation that it’s Canada Day so that’s what all my friend’s and family over there will be doing.

I know many people may think it a bit OTT that Canada celebrates a day in name of the country but why not?  In the UK we celebrate patron Saint’s Days, the French have le 14 Juillet and the USA celebrates Independence Day; just to mention a few.

Wikipedia gives a good summary here of the history of Canada Day, previously named ‘Dominion Day’ but nowadays the day has taken on a slightly different meaning.  There are fireworks and fairs organised, community events and barbecues.  It’s a day spent with family and friends to celebrate all things Canadian… which naturally includes all those family and friends!

I am sure that there must be an abundance of maple leafs and red and white decorations and facepaint but most of all I hope an abundance of fun for all my friends and family in Canada, Canadian or otherwise!

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