Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

It’s easy to get caught up in the monotony of everyday life and spend most days going between work and home, not finding time to explore. I have been guilty in the past of taking the places I live for granted and of failing to appreciate all there is to do until it is too late. As my time on the north island is rapidly passing by and I have made the decision to leave B.C. this summer, I am trying to make the most of every opportunity to get out and about. Since my sister has a good friend from school visiting we have the perfect excuse to showcase the local area and take a break from the usual routine.

On Friday morning I set off on the drive to Port McNeill having declined the offer of a daytrip with my sister and her guest. I was on a mission to attend a professional development workshop but had failed in that mission before I even set out. I decided to get up a little later than usual and really take my time getting ready. I never feel as though I look nice anymore, especially on work days and had been feeling run down for days, if not weeks. I made a conscious decision to have a leisurely morning, skipping the greetings, snacks and the magic show (don’t ask!) in favour of a long shower and breakfast. I took my time on the drive, admiring the beauty of the hoarfrost on the trees lining the roads, which is when I decided  that I was in need of a pick-me-up. I realised immediately that I needed to head to my (local) happy place and knew instinctively that a trip to the island off an island would be synonymous with a visit to my feel-good spot. I decided to join the others.

Spring in Alert Bay
Beauty springs up in unexpected places

After signing in and attending most of the morning session, I left. I walked out and down to the ferry for an excellent day out in Alert Bay. While I am aware that I have a significant to-do list full of real-world responsibilities such as report cards and laundry I am making a conscious effort to live in the moment and seek out joy everyday. I am remembering to carve out some me time. I am using my camera lens to help me focus on the beauty and simple pleasures in life. You only live once afterall so it is important not to put life on hold. Seize the day!

N.B. I didn’t actually skive off work. Fridays aren’t my usual day. I was trying to be a conscientious employee and develop myself professionally but sometimes you just have to feed your soul instead of your brain.

Recent North-Island daytrips I have taken will feature in future blogposts as I’d like to get back to sharing some of the places I have explored while living on Vancouver Island North. You will find them linked below as they are written.

Alert Bay
Campbell River
Port McNeill
Telegraph Cove

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