What a Zumba-ful Day!

What a Zumba-ful Day!

There’s nothing like a rush of exercise-induced endorphins to lift the spirits. Actually in reality the day seemed to drag on much longer than usual and I was worn-out before I even started the fitness ‘class’ this evening but it seemed only fair that I should do some form of exercise today after watching the kids do 10+ laps of the field for Terry Fox and practically (in some cases literally) fall over each other just for a sip of water.

Despite the tiring day it has turned out to be pretty wonderful for me.  A few days of paid work in store – always a good thing, and my up-coming liberation… I am free to go to Paree!  All of this was topped by the Zumba class.  $5 for a fun-filled hour of dancing to loud Latino music, flailing arms and legs, utter dehydration and sheer sweat.  Somehow the dance/fitness instructor made it look quite sexy but the rest of us struggled swaying our hips in the wrong direction and tripping over our feet (or those of the person next to us).  After a lot of giggles and wiggles it culminated in a movie-style dance off.  Not quite ‘Save the Last Dance’ more like ‘You’ve Been Framed’ but there’s always next time…  As a reward for all that good work I replaced the 1000 calories I’d burned with a large burger and fries on the way home.

A fairly accurate depiction of me dancing at zumba!

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