The Bear Necessities

The Bear Necessities

Despite working on average more hours than I have ever worked before, I can’t help but notice that since moving to Vancouver Island I am far less stressed than before. While some of this is due to leaving behind a source of negativity, a lot of it has to do with being close to nature.

As I have mentioned before, Northern Vancouver Island is a wilderness destination. It’s an outdoor lovers’ paradise with hiking trails, fishing, and an abundant rainforest habitat. Although typically I’m an indoorsy type, I can’t help but spend time admiring the scenery and spotting the native wildlife, even if it is just as I drive to and from work.

Today’s commute was the perfect reminder of how diverse this region is and of the richness of life that can be found here. Up on the highway ahead of me, I spotted a little furry black face belonging to a very cute black bear. I have now seen a total of seven black bears but I still get overly excited everytime I do. I can’t seem to stop myself from yelling “Bear! Bear!” whenever I see one, before realising that I have noone to share the sightings with and I am essentially shouting at myself, alone in my car!

Black Bear
From A Previous Bear Hunt

Black bears are a common sight around these parts and are usually much smaller than I expected them to be.  Unfortunately I almost always see them when I am driving so I haven’t yet managed to take an amazing photograph; then again I don’t think excited would be the word to describe my feelings if I were to come across a bear without the safety of my vehicle.  I learnt last year that a calm “Woah bear” while backing away should do the trick but I’d rather not find out!

Anyway, I came to the conclusion on my way to work this morning that all we really need is to be surrounded by good people and to spend time with nature.  Perhaps it’s because I had the luxury of a bear sighting, eagles soaring, and a ferry ride surrounded by mountains before I even started my day.

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