All the Small Things

All the Small Things

According to Tuenti it’s been 110 days since I last updated my status: “En Paris – nuevo trabajo, nuevo piso :)”

Almost a third of a year has flown by and both the job and the flat no longer seem all that new.  The problem was that around 100 days ago all that happiness of finding a new job and flat was shattered in an instant: An evening which started out better than average, ended in tears.  I didn’t feel like informing the world (well my twenty-something online friends) that my new start had been tainted by an abrupt ending to something else.  Nothing since seemed appropriate.

Today, I finally updated my status… I’ve been happy for a while now. I don’t remember when I started to smile again but with the soaring temperarures my mood gradually headed in the same direction.

In Paris it really is the small things that make the city beautiful.  It may not be new to me anymore but I am always  discovering new things and being reminded that it’s the simple things in life that make us happy.

Paris Monmartre
Happy Dance!

One of my favourite places in Paris is Montmartre so on Friday night, Aliyah and I took a stroll from Pigalle to Montmartre.  Having already seen the Moulin Rouge and the Sacre Coeur, like most tourists and Parisiens alike,  we decided to do a bit of our own kind of tourism following the not so elusive Keith who had tagged his way around the area, leading us up and down side streets we would have otherwise never considered.

Montmartre is famous for its artists corner but it was the less convensional street art that caught our eyes.  We certainly paid attention to details scattered over the walls, often so small they could have been easily overlooked.  Here are a few of my favourites:

spider stencil spray paint


Graffitti Tiny Elephants

We had a lovely evening enjoying the warm breeze and beautiful Parisien streets, taking photos of all kinds of weird and wonderful small things – and not one photo of the Sacre Coeur this time! Finally I’ll leave you with this, not so small but it will definitely put a smile on your faces:

Graffitti Banksy?
The Street Artist

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